Commissions – Case Studies


Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite

Every now and then we are offered an opportunity to really showcase the treasures of our type library, and this special poster edition was one of them.

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Guinness harp

We enjoy working with design agencies to solve briefs, so when DesignBridge enlisted our printing expertise to help create a new harp logo for Guinness that revived the rich detail and crafted quality the brand is known for, we were in our element.

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Wilton’s Music Hall signage

Producing a signage system for a building over 150 years old requires a sympathetic approach. Our signs, printed onto fabric and varnished in the traditional way, served to help navigate this fascinating building. We also worked with local school children on posters explaining Wiltons’ colourful history.

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Monstrous cards

The ‘voices’ of our woodtype fonts were employed to great affect in these alternative greetings cards, commissioned by We Made This for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. There are cards for Christmas, Hallowe’en, Mothers’ Day or to just shout AAARGHHH!

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The Riverman

Over the last 30 years we’ve been fortunate to work on many artists’ books. The Riverman is set in Victorian London and combines etchings by Lisa Kane with a story by Greg Nay in a beautiful cloth-bound, ribbon-tie portfolio.

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Over the past 30 years we have specialised in artists’ books, portfolios and editions. We have also been commissioned to produce poster editions, film titles, book and magazine cover artwork, invitations, certificates, stationary and many other short-run, high quality print outcomes.

New North Press’ extensive type library contains hundreds of fonts, showcasing a wealth of design history that spans the past one hundred and fifty years. These fonts – many of which have never been converted into digital form – are an invaluable gift to anyone in search of something out of the ordinary.


Selected Commissions