The Land of Ukraine


A collaboration with Ukrainian artist [name redacted for the safety of their family], launched on Independence Day of Ukraine 2022. The design boldly states the country’s major cities, several of which have been heavily bombed by Russian forces, in the shape of the international abbreviation for Ukraine, UA, printed in the distinctive national colours yellow and blue. ‘The Land of Ukraine’ is a map of strength, freedom and courage. Each city is like a scar etched on paper. The work itself is imbued with love and pain for the native land. It is a manifesto, it is a constant reminder of the scale of efforts that are being made for the existence of the nation.
“The weeks spent on choosing fonts, arranging the space between letters, searching for colour, and printing turned out to be a kind of sublimation meditation for me,” says the author of the project. “Physically, I am thousands of kilometers away from Ukraine, but making the cities in this poster allowed me to feel every cell of my country every day, with all my guts. This work is my escape to home.”
Printed by hand on our Columbian press in an edition of 110, the posters measure 98 x 61cm.
50% of proceeds will go to Pod All initiative to rebuild houses destroyed by Russian aggression.