Under Pressure


Our largest print! This linocut was originally made to be printed using a vintage steamroller (read more about Big Steam Print on our blog). There was no way we would have put our wood or metal type under 12.5 tonnes of pressure so instead we cut a design based on a letterpress forme (locked-up arrangement of type, leads, quads and quoins inside a chase, ready for printing) into linoleum. The title was a reference to both the steamroller and David Bowie, whose death coincided with embarking on the project.

As the artwork was too big to print on our presses this edition has been burnished using wooden spoons in the centuries-old tradition of Japanese woodblock printers.

Edition of 8 hand-burnished prints.
Printed in plum black ink on Japanese Kozo 52gsm. Size 980 x 1240mm


All prints are numbered and blind-embossed with a NNP stamp. Every print is inked by hand and so may vary in appearance from these images.