Olympic restrictions posters

Taking inspiration from the Olympic Committee’s strict rules regarding the use of words relating to this summer’s Games, we have been setting the recent participants of our workshops an Elephant in the Room project to describe the indescribable.

Olympic, Games, London, 2012, medals, summer, gold, silver and bronze – just some of the words banned from unauthorised public use in conjunction with London 2012 Olympic Games. But instead of causing headaches, these stringent rules have provided the inspiration for the project set at New North Press’ monthly Introduction to Letterpress classes.

Below are five group’s outcomes exploring the theme, while strictly adhering to the Olympic Committee’s stipulations. Those who took part were from various walks of life and had an array of political and emotional opinions on the subject, which were discussed and incorporated into the final designs.

NB: These prints are the personal work of the participants involved and were not created to be sold or make any associat ion with business, goods or trade of any kind. Their purpose for being is solely to describe something which could not be mentioned in the public domain.