An Exploration of a Railway Tunnel by Peter Ashton-Jones


“The text if from a poem I published in the poetry magazine Navis in 1996, and the visual quality of the phrasing seemed to lend itself to a collage or abstract arrangement. The block print – the ‘taking out’ in contrast with the ‘filling in’ of the text – is a negative structural drawing of Bruegel’s Hunters in the Snow.”

Designed and typeset by Peter Ashton-Jones for Reverting to Type Portfolio 1. Limited number of 10 prints for sale individually, size 570mm x 450mm.

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Reverting to Type Portfolio 1 was produced to coincide with our Reverting to Type exhibition and features the work of ten leading artists, poets and designers. All prints are numbered and blind-embossed with a NNP stamp. Every print is inked by hand and so may vary in appearance from these images.