Don’t Judge Me by Amida Deen and Aantu Waday


A collaborative print edition made with Amida Deen and Aantu Waday for Reverting to Type 2020: Protest Posters exhibition.

Amida and Aantu are two of the thousands of students in the UK who had their A-level results downgraded in 2020 due to the exam regulator’s algorythm overriding teacher assessments in the wake of Covid-19, having a devastating effect on many young people’s futures. Amida and Aantu live in East London, near NNP, and worked with us to develop their reaction to this situation for the exhibition.

Edition of 25. Size 450 x 740mm.

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This edition is signed, numbered and blind-embossed with a NNP stamp. Every print is inked by hand and so may vary in appearance from these images.