Forme 02: Curses


Forme is a letterpress publication, typographically investigating science’s explanations of the world around us by committing ink to paper.

Issue 02, ‘Curses’, explores our relationship with swear words. A commissioned feature from social psychologist Gabriela Jiga-Boy examines where the power of ‘bad’ language lies, its link to cultural taboos, possible cathartic effects, and the fine line between using profanities to win-over a crowd and it disasterously backfiring. This is accompanied by examples of words that turn the air blue from around the world and the differing values of the cultures who utter them.

The pamphlet, which can also be displayed as a poster when unfolded, has been printed from hand-set and hot-metal type. Printed letterpress, ‘Forme’ refers to the locked-up arrangement of type inside a chase for printing.

Printed on Neptune Unique white 120gsm
Size: 163mm x 230mm (645 x 460mm unfolded)
Limited edition of 250 copies

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All prints are numbered. Each is inked, printed and folded by hand which may cause slight variations in appearance from these images.