Hand of Glory


According to legend, a ‘hand of glory’ was the severed hand of a hanged felon, cut off while the body was still hanging from the gallows, and pickled to preserve it. When used as a holder for a lighted candle this enchanted hand was supposed to send anyone nearby into a trance from which they could not be awakened, thus it was rumored to be a tool used by burglars.

The incantation in this poster was supposedly recited to bring the powers of the lighted hand into effect. A surviving example of a hand of glory can be seen at Whitby Museum, North Yorkshire.

Features an illustration of a hand of glory by French, printed in photo luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) ink.

Printed on Fedrigoni Sirio Sabbia 140gsm.
Edition of 75. Size 500 x 700mm


All prints are numbered and blind-embossed with a NNP stamp. Every print is inked by hand and so may vary in appearance from these images.