When We Face Faces by Stevey Scullion


“It is not difficult to find words in praise of the ‘letterpress’. After all, it is itself an orchestrated play on words. Yet with all its latent potential, its numerous processes and attention to detail, it can be as elusive as a portrait or the captive emotions held within the lines of text, and like the comforts to a bereft lover or the diseased lung struggling for breath – they would be inadequate.”

Designed and typeset by Stevey Scullion for Reverting to Type Portfolio 1. Limited number of 10 prints for sale individually, size 570mm x 450mm.

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Reverting to Type Portfolio 1 was produced to coincide with our Reverting to Type exhibition and features the work of ten leading artists, poets and designers. All prints are numbered and blind-embossed with a NNP stamp. Every print is inked by hand and so may vary in appearance from these images.