Collaborators index

Because it‘s sometimes easy to forget ourselves, here’s an attempt to list all the artists, authors and poets we’ve been fortunate enough to make work with over the years:

Ad Vingerhoets
Forme 03: Tearful

AdisaHackney Libraries

Alida Kuzemczak-SayerWord Parts

Amida Dean & Aantu WadayDon’t Judge Me

Ana Maria Pacheco – Gargantua and Pantagruel

Beatrice BlessHagamos un Trato

Betty LewinImperatives of Youngness

Bob and Roberta SmithDear Bob

Catherine DixonCharacters of Note

David PearsonIndispensible E

Extinction Rebellion Art GroupBoulots de Merde, Fairness, Rebel/Create

Fraser MuggeridgeSexy of body, yet scared of the swinsuit

Gabriel GbadamosiValediction, The Second Life of Shells

Gabriela Giga-BoyForme 02: Curses

Greg Nay & Lisa KaneThe Riverman

Hamish Fulton – No Talking for Seven Days

Heart n SoulAgainst Racism, No Abuse, Put Phone Away, Stop Universal Credit, Walk Next to Me

Henrik Kubel (A2-Type)A23D: a 3D-printed letterpress font

Jane PlüerYes, panic

John AnstissMy Now and Then, The Extinction Will Not Be Televised

Jolyon FoxBoring, Denied

Katherine HamnettSave the Earth

Lisa RahmanThe Travelling Barmaid

Mandy BonnellLamu, The Second Life of Shells

Malcolm GarrettF for Fact

Marcus Vergette – Between the West Wind and Yellow Clay

Mark TitchnerIt is you I still love the most

Mona Arshi – Eggs (from Somebody Loves You)

Neil GarrettForme 01: Untruth

Nigel BentsThe Cockney Alphabet, The Letterpress Manifesto


Peter Ashton JonesAn Exploration of a Railway Tunnel, No Algoithms Here

Peter DeanBeing for the Benefit of Mr Kite, Stephen Hawking’s Time Travellers Invitation

Peter KennardAnother World is Possible, Sell/Bomb/Refuse, Visible/Invisible

Phil BainesWillesden High Road in 1958

Sarah BorisUntitled

Stevey ScullionWhen We Face Faces, Silent Protest

Stewart LeeBoris_Johnson, You Can Prove Anything with Facts

Tim RichLandfall

Vikram SethMinterne 1768; 2007